How To Help Your Child Love Reading

How To Help Your Child Love Reading

There are many things that you as a parent can do to help your child love reading. One thing is to make sure that your child has regular access to books in a variety of styles and authors. Another trick is to have a nice quiet, distraction free place to read. Check out this blog post and find out why reading is so important and how you can foster your child's love for reading.

It is no secret that many children today do not enjoy reading as much as they should. There are many exciting and tempting entertainment options such as games, phones, tablets, TV etc that make books seem boring. A lack of reading skill can lead to problems later on in their schooling, and in their lives in general. However, there are things that parents can do to help their children love reading. One thing that parents can do is to make sure that their children have regular access to books. This means having a consistent place for them to read, whether it is a quiet corner in their room or a cozy spot in the living room. Reading is incredibly important for a child’s development, so why should parents try to get their child to read more?

  1. Why parents should encourage their kids to read more often
  2. 8 Ways to get your child interested in reading
  3. An important thing to remember about reading
  4. Summary

Why parents should encourage their kids to read more often

Reading is a fundamental skill that helps children in multiple ways. It develops their imagination, improves their critical thinking skills, and increases their vocabulary. Furthermore, reading regularly can help improve a child’s focus and concentration. Studies have consistently shown that students who read often tend to perform better academically than those who do not. Therefore, even though reading is difficult at first and even though their might be exciting alternatives like watching TV, it is important for parents to encourage their children to read more often. I’ve written a blog post on all the benefits of reading, check it out here.

8 Ways to get your child interested in reading

  1. Make sure that there are plenty of books available for them to choose from. A variety of genres, authors, and illustrators will help keep them interested. Books don’t have to be expensive, many people give away used books on various social media trading platforms.
  2. Read aloud to your child every day. This will help them develop a love for books and a desire to read on their own. Children love all activities with their parents and will look forward to this shared experience.
  3. Regularly visit the library and let your child choose their own books to bring home. You can discuss which books they like and why. This shows your child that you are interested in their tastes and opinions.
  4. Spark your child’s interest by buying them age-appropriate books as gifts. You can also request books as presents from family and friends.
  5. Let your child choose their own reading material, especially early on. Even if they want to read the same story over and over, that’s ok. Remember that it’s a great idea to discuss why children want to read a certain book. You can slowly introduce new types of material. You can do this by first suggesting similar books to the ones they like.
  6. Encourage your child to read before bedtime and make it a special time for just the two of you. You can bring stories to life by each role playing different characters and imagining what they would say or do in certain scenarios.
  7. Let your child see you reading as well, children love to copy their parents this is the primary way that they learn how to behave. So setting a good example and a routine will be very effective. A good activity is family reading time, each family member reads their own book at a set regular time. You can add to this activity by each discussing something interesting about your book.
  8. Most importantly, be patient and never give up on your child. They may not love reading right away, this is because it takes a lot of mental energy to read. However as they become more skilled they will continue to improve.

A final important point

Communication around reading is also extremely important. Make sure that you, as a parent are excited about reading and what’s in the books you read. Also make sure to be excited and enthusiastic about shared reading experiences. Your child will pick up and learn from your attitude and energy towards reading more than the actual words you say.


Reading is a vital life skill that children need to be successful in school and in their future careers. As a parent, you can help your child develop a love for reading by making sure there are plenty of books available, reading aloud to them regularly, and showing that reading is an exciting way to hear stories visiting the library often. You can use shared reading activities as a bonding experience too!

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