Hi I’m Mr Charles and I run 1:1 and small group online and face to face classes. I offer a free 1:1 assessment for every student. Please call or whatsapp on 6018 8252 in either English or Cantonese for the next step!

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How can you get your child to speak English more fluently? I have noticed that children in HK study English a lot. But most don’t sound that fluent. My small group classes (for children aged 5 to 12) allow students to have lots of speaking time and introduce them to new vocabulary and sentence patterns that can elevate their fluency.

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Does your child need to take a school interview or speaking exam? Or are they behind their peers when it comes to English speaking? I provide tailor made classes that will help your child to excel at English by first building their confidence and then building their overall English ability. Book a free 1:1 assessment now!

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This course will guide your child through the 12 most common key words in English. These 12 words make up 25% of all English. The course aims to teach your child how to read and use key words so that your child can focus on meaning, ideas and storyline when they are reading.

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