5 Great Ways to Help Your Child Make Friends

5 Great Ways to Help Your Child Make Friends

You can help your child make friends by helping them to learn the skills needed to be a good friend. Children need emotional skills, self-control and social skills in order to make friends.

If your child is too shy to talk to new friends then it will be difficult for them to make friends. Furthermore, if your child cannot control their impulses then they may scare off other children. If your child has no idea what to say or do in a social setting such as a birthday then they will also struggle to make friendships. Ultimately, it’s up to your child to make friends by themselves. However, you can give them the skills to help them along, and they can use these skills for life.

In this post, I will give 5 ideas on how you can help your child make friends

1. Show them how to treat others

2. Help your child understand their emotions

3. Show them how to make friends

4. Meeting more children

5. Play dates at home

Show them how to treat others

Always remember that how you treat your child and other people will serve as a template for your child to follow. If you wish your child would treat everyone they meet with courteousness and respect, then you should lead by example. A great thing to do is to make sure that you treat people with respect. This counts even in challenging and emotional situations, your child will see how you act and will learn so much from that.

Help your child understand their emotions

Everyone will feel negative emotions, and this does not mean that we can’t have good relationships with others. This is because we learn to control our bad feelings and not let our emotions control us. You can help your child by talking to them. Helping them to understand and deal with bad moods and feelings. If your child is prone to aggressive or disruptive behaviour, then talk to them. Try to help them to understand what they are doing and how it makes other children feel.

Show them how to make friends

We can help our children make friends by showing them how we make friends with others (e.g. parents, neighbours, colleagues). Be open to communicating with other parents and get involved with all the school events too. Children imitate us and learn from us, so we can show them how to interact positively with others.

Let your child meet more children

Allowing your child to interact with other children early on will benefit your child’s ability to make friends. This will also benefit many other areas of their development. You can take your child to parks, playrooms, swimming pools, beaches, etc. Help your child get used to places with kids around (even as a baby) so that they can become familiar with different children, and learn from them too! All children respond and react differently to situations, and the more exposure and practice, the more your child will learn the social skills needed to make friends.

Play dates at home

If your child gets anxious in social settings, you can invite 1 or 2 children (who are similar in age) to your home. Your child should feel safe & secure at home as well as confident enough to interact with other children. Once your child feels safe, happy and confident, then change the location of your playdates. As an extra bit of preparation before their new friends come to visit, you can ask your child to set aside some toys for them to play with.

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